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Hello! Welcome to Work From Home 4 Free!

My name is Mary and I have been investigating how to make money online for 6 years now! What a mission! Right? Yes it’s been a hell of a journey and I have spent a lot of money and have made many mistakes!WP_20131026_003

This is me 6 years ago.

I got divorced in 2010 and found that because I had been out of the workforce for over 2 years I could not find a permanent position. This really made me sit up and take notice! What was I going to do to make money?
Now I know my situation is not unique and anyone who has ever lived in South Africa knows the controversial points about BEE or BBBEEE or whatever! It’s come to the point that if you’re not disabled or from a previously disadvantaged race you’re not going to get a job! Not to mention that regardless of how much work experience you have, if you don’t have a piece of paper saying you did a course (regardless if it’s a 3 day, 3 month or 3 year course) your CV isn’t even considered for the position! And don’t get me started on the age thing!

So I took a long, hard look at my situation and decided this…

– I have never liked working for a boss – I work hard and they reap the benefits!

– I would love to be able to set my own working hours.

– I want to support my children at their extra mural activities – netball, ballet, hip-hop, rugby and swimming!

– I want to be able to go on holiday whenever I want – don’t want to have to put in leave.


The first person that introduced me to internet marketing was JT Foxx – If you haven’t heard about him google him or click his name for a link!     He is a fantasticWP_20140818_001
speaker and has great ideas! Only problem is…..

YOU NEED A LOT OF MONEY TO GET INTO HIS CORE CIRCLE! Which of course I did not have. But he gave me some really good advice and ideas. I would suggest you go hear him speak which he does mostly for free and I promise, you will not be disappointed. Read his book!

This is me with JT Foxx after one of his seminars!


Now I had the knowledge that there where people out there making money online, and a lot that were making millions!

Now all I had to do was join them and become successful! Easy! Oops, no not that easy!

The 4 things that kept coming up was…..

  1.  Do you have a computer? Yes I do!
  2.  Do you have internet connection? Yes I do!
  3.  Do you have basic computer skills? Yes I do! (I can type, upload pictures, make things look “pretty”)
  4.  Do you have a passion that you could share with the world? Yes I do! (I am passionate about getting people to earn their own money because hey who doesn’t want to make money right?)

So I started the search on google “work from home in South Africa”

Well I can tell you there are millions of websites offering you this opportunity BUT not all of them are affordable!
And sadly most are scams or you need a spare R3000 – R5000 just to test it out! They take your money and dump you in the deep end to work things out for yourself!


I have finally found the best place not only to learn but to actually make the money I need for the things I need and want. I’ve started an online business and it cost me absolutely nothing! Don’t believe me? Well keep reading!

“They say that to make money you need money”

I always thought this was the whole truth BUT guess again! You can make money without having to pay out money!

Join me and start your online business now!

Join me on this journey and let’s build a sustainable income together! So that we will never have to beg for hand outs or have to tell our kids and family that we can’t afford this or that EVER AGAIN!

Please comment below if you have any questions about anything that has interested you on this page.

Your friend



  1. Hi I would really like some more info about this opportunity.I have few questions like is it free to sign up can u do it from your mobile what is it selling or doing ect

    1. Hi Faye,
      Thanks for the inquiry.
      It is free to sign up and to use until you decide to join the premium membership. It’s not recommended to do it on your mobile as there is a lot of content writing that needs to be done. This site is to promote the actual system to create niche websites for affiliate marketing. Which in a nut shell is promoting other people’s products and getting a commission from any sales that may occur from your referral.
      Give it a try – What have you got to loose?

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